Friday, November 30, 2007

We are moving to Australia

Even before we had a child, Raghu and I had plans of relocating to Australia. We liked what we saw when we were there on a holiday. We saw friendly, content faces and a relaxed pace of life. We saw beaches, crisp weather and high mountains. We saw a living we would want to be part of. We put in our application for Australian PR after Ashwin was born in December 2005. Some 10 months later, it was granted.

A few months ago, Raghu got a job offer from a renowned company in Perth and it was time for us to make some decisions. From Raghu's career point of view, it was a good move. From my career point of view, maybe not. Or may be it is! Could this be this is a blessing in disguise? An opportunity for me to try and find something else to do which I may enjoy more than what I'm doing now? Perhaps! let's hope..

What swayed the decision was what we want for our son.

We want Ashwin growing up with space to run in the house. We want him to experience seasons and appreciate and enjoy them. We want him to be surrounded by friendly people. We want him to respect and be pleasant to people. We want him to learn to enjoy life by example of those around him. We want him to have a schooling that he enjoys. We want him to embrace diversity in a global environment. We want to give him all round exposure. When time is appropriate, we want him to have the confidence to decide where he wants life to take him. And steer his life there. We want him to grow up to be a smart, fine young man. Most of all, we want to be parents with time and energy for parenting.

Australia, behold. Here we come. You'd better not let us down, or else!!

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madhumathi said...

I am sure you all will have a great time in Aus for the kind of enthu you have for everything!! We are waiting for your next post..