Monday, August 29, 2011

Playing show

Ashwin is playing shows in his room just now and this is what I heard:

Ladies and gentlemen. Please wait because all the show people are going to be loaded into the curtains!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

A novel reason to cry

Last night, Raghu was putting Divya to bed and she just wouldn't settle. She was making whimpering noises until Raghu told her to stop crying and go to sleep.

She came to me crying.

"Why are you crying", I asked her.

"Because", she replied when she could pause her crying, "because appa not let me do crying"

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The stick

"I'm going to push the stick down".

This is a sentence that is heard in my house atleast 20 times a day. It is the ultimate negotiation tool.

I want to choose the first yogurt.
I want to choose first
No, me.
No MEEEEEEEEE (from identical yogurt tubs btw.)
OK, then I'm going to push the stick down.
OK anna, you can choose first.

Divya, help me tidy up.
OK, then I'm going to push the stick down.
OK anna, i help you.

I want to take doggie to sleep.
I want doggie.
OK, then I'm going to push the stick down.
Anna, you take doggie, I take pooh bear.

And on and on and on.

So what is this stick, you wonder? The stick with super powers to resolve sibling conflicts? The stick that lets Anna have his way?


One of the sprinklers in the yard that pops up for retic and doesn't go back down. The battle at home is who pushes this sprinkler back.


More Teasing. And Sharing

Divya likes to call Ashwin her boy. A typical conversation with her would go like this:

Divya: Where's that boy?
Me: Which boy?
Divya: My boy.

So, I decided to tease her. Mum has to have fun after all.

I told her that Ashwin was not her boy, he was my boy. She kept her cool and said, Noo... Ashwin is my boy. We kept up this volley of my boy, my boy for sometime until she won the game and match with:

"Ashwin is your boy and my friend. Share. with. me. amma!"

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The secret is out!

Ashwin and I had a conversation in the car on the way to school, and, for a change, Divya was a silent spectator.

He had "taught" a friend of his "driving" and I was asking him about it..

"But how do you know about it?" he asked with disbelief.

"Because I'm a mother" I replied. (you know that mothers are magic, don't you?!)

An awe filled small voice called from the back:

"you is mother? ..... Anna, amma is mother!"

Of course.. Silly me!

Yesterday, after dropping Ashwin at school, I was on my way to Divya's daycare.

Her favourite carer in daycare is Marise. Unfortunately, Marise has been moved out of Divya's room into a different room for the past few weeks. Marise is not in my daycare, she said. Marise is in big toddies.

And where is Divya? I asked her, is Divya in little toddies? (that's the room she goes to).

She looked at me with a condescending smile: No, andme here!

knitted sheep

Last night in bed, Ashwin asked me if I could please show him a sheep before winter.

I was bewildered. Why a sheep, and why before winter? We are just finishing winter, you know...

"Because," he replied, "I want to see a sheep before it gets knitted. It gets knitted for winter, and before that, we can see the inside of it. I want to see what it looks like inside."

Monday, August 15, 2011


I love teasing Divya, her expressions are so dynamic and unpredictable, I get a kick out of it.

While getting her ready for daycare one morning, I told her that when she is in daycare, I will eat up all the jam biscuits at home. Jam biscuits are her favourite and she guards them as carefully as she can. I was expecting her to erupt into a crying fury, but her response totally surprised me:

But then andme be sad!

At the dentist

We took Ashwin to the dentist the other day. Just as Divya was taking in the complex scene around her, the dentist asked us to go outside and stay in the waiting area.

But, Divya protested, but, my hair growing so long. That's why andme need a haircut. That's why andme go there.

I'm sure the dentist will be pleased to know that she is thought of as a hair stylist :)