Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Don't hate me

because of how lucky I am...

My baby went to sleep last night (evening) at 4pm and woke up this morning at 6:30 waking up only once at 2:30 am for a quick feed.

Is she the best baby in the world or what!

(knocking on wood, hard)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Opera singer in the making.o

Divya has found her voice and has decided to hone her latent talent: She is going to be an opera singer.

She goes:

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayaaaaAAAAaaa ayyaaaa AAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaa aaayaaayyyaaaa over and over until she is ready to fall asleep.

Beware of my little missy...

From blog
Dressed in her Anna's new swim vest, she is dangerous.

Dangerously cute.
From blog

The wisdom of a 3 year old

After a long day lesterday, Divya went down for her last nap before bedtime and I hurriedly cleared up the house. I folded up her blanket and put it over the sofa and Ashwin promptly pulled it down again. I lost it.
He did a stint in the naughty boy corner and said sorry, but I was still angry. I told him that because he wasted my time as I had to refold the blanket, I would not read him a book. Bless him, he didn't once object.
Still angry, I popped him on my lap and asked him why he did that and behaved like a naughty boy.
Because, he replied, I'm just a little boy.
I could use this reminder every single day my dear wise boy. I love you!

Gems from Ashwin's mouth.

He called out to me in the morning as I was bathing Divya:

Amma, look! Come here quickly!!

I rushed to see what it was that needed my attention so immediately and Ashwin pointed to the clock and exclaimed:

The little hand is little and the big hand is big!

wonder of wonders!

After a concert the other day, we went to the pay machine to pay for the parking ticket. This machine only took cards so I fed my credit card into the slot, and much to Ashwin's amazement, the card came out through the same slot again.

What is it doing? He asked.

It's taking money from the card Ashwin, I explained.

He disregarded this explanation..

Oh, it laminated the card, is it?

I wish...

Oh, yes! She did...

After a few nights of very interrupted sleep, I was ready to take an afternoon nap one day. I coaxed Ashwin into sleeping as well so that I could have some quiet. Divya, however, had other ideas. I took advantage of the fact she is just a baby and put her in the bed between Ashwin and myself wide awake. I then sloely nodded off to sleep. Suddenly, I felt sharp prodding on my thighs - my little missy was kicking me to get my attention. And when I opened my eyes to look at her, she flashed me a beautiful smile.
Cheeky dame this one is.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

On vegetarianism and going of my "maanam"

On Saturday, Ashwin and I went to woolworths for some groceries while Raghu and Divya stayed home. As we were walking from the veggies section to the milk, Ashwin saw the people buying meat. And this is the monologue that took place:

"Amma, look" he cried at the top of his lungs as usual, "that man is buying fish"
"he is buying fish you know.. FISH"
"that man is buying FISH"
"We don't buy fish, right, we only like fish to swim in the water, right?"
"We don't eat fish, right, because we are vegatables"
, vigourous nod of head to correct himself, "we are vegetarians, right?"
"Only cat eat fish, right?"

While all the while, people were smiling indulgingly at him and my maanam was taking a slow flight through woolworths...