Friday, January 1, 2010

Writing his name!

I wrote about his first attempt at writing his name a few days ago (last year!) and since them he has been regularly writing his name, each version cuter than the other, and my BLASTED camera has stopped working! Injustice!!

Conversations with a four year old

Santa Claus brought Ashwin a tool set and when we came back from our Christmas break in Exmouth (That will be a separate blog entry), he promptly assumed the role of bob the builder. He was having breakfast with us when he said he also has a son, just like me.

Who's your mother, I asked him.

No one. He replied emphatically. I growed up big all by myself you know.

But whose thoppah did you come out of?

I was inside a machine and then the machine PUT me down.

This is what is Deiva Piravi I suppose.


Later that day, while still being bob, he told me he has two sons. The first ones name is Ashwin and the second one is also called Ashwin because he likes the name Ashwin very much. I wanted to show him the complication of naming his two sons Ashwin so I asked him, if you say, Ashwin, come and have yummy breakfast, who will come?

Both will come, he replied.

If you say, Ashwin, go and check post, who will go?

Both will go.

If you say, Ashwin! Go to the naughty boy corner, who will go?

No one will go because they both don't like the naughty boy corner.


Later in the day, while still being bob, he wanted to call a customer, so I lent him Raghu's phone which had no credit in it. He randomly punched in some numbers and pressed call. A pleasant voice came on to tell him he had no credit to make calls blah blah blah.

After asking me who it was for a few minutes and not getting a satisfactory answer, he turned to the phone again:

But, what's your name?

Are you the police?

Still getting no answer, he offered me the phone, Amma, could you PLEASE find out if this is the police? I said no, I was afraid if it is the police. So he offered: If it is the police, you QUICKLY press the red button, okay?

My life is just getting more and more interesting by the day!
An aside: It took me 20 minutes to write this entry. Why? because my cheely monkey, otherwise called Divya, kept leaning in and pressing delete and home as I was typing. Cheek monkey indeed...