Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Of tacs and theepocks

Ashwin's vocabulary of animals and animal sounds is increasing rapidly. He can now identify a tac (any guess which animal this is? Hint: it says neaw.), doggie, horse, cow, duck (technically not an animal, but to be a bird, it has to be pictured flying!), bird, pig, ship and fish. Of course, other than tac and doggie (may be horse), he needs these animals to look like they are depicted in his buk and so he might not be able to identify them in real life (make that WILL NOT BE). Have you ever seen a pig in real life look as cute as it's pink cartoon counterparts? This is his favourite book at this moment. When he asks for a book, this is the one he wants. When he asks for one more book, he wants Pop-up animals.

Regarding animal sounds, a doggie says Boo. However when he approached 2 small dogs in the west coast park with a friendly "hai doggie.. Boo" , it said "AAAAAAaaaaa" so fiercefully that Ashwin came running to me! Cats are such gentle creatures that he has to be gentle to them too. He will bend down to their level and go "hai taaac. Hai. Hai taac. Bye taaac bye. Bye taaac"! (translation: Hi cat, you are so cute, but I'm scared to come any closer to you. Don't feel bad, it's not you, it's me. Bye) Pig says oink oink, sheep says aaaaaaaaaaaa and cow says moooo. At first trial, a duck says "Aaaa", and then I have to ask him again "Ey! Duck ennada sollum?" "Kak kak". When it comes to a horse, he will look at me hopefully and I tell him it says neigh.

What does a fish say? Can someone help me here?
Tomorrow, he is going to the zoo for his birthday, weather permitting!


Anonymous said...

Nice to see the volumes building. I am sure the guy will be proud to read it, javascript:void(0);
Hide Original Postwhen he grows up.
Did he see Ommore tac today?

Anonymous said...

This time the Anonymous is Thatha.
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