Monday, December 3, 2007

Go to office, don't fool around!

As part of my ritual of saying goodbye to Ashwin before going to work in the morning, I tell him I'm hungry and I want to eat him. (After getting my ration of two kisses from him, that is!) Most of the days, he tells me mammam aana - No, you may not. Some days when he is feeling genourous, he will offer me something. He will let me eat his cheek or thoppah or this leg or that leg - and I go yumyumyumyum as I relish them.

This morning, when I asked for mammam, this was his reply:

Amma offit. Car thasside. (pointing towards the road for good measure).

Thanks for the reminder my son. Some days, I really need it.


Anu said...

Madhu, I swear I was not waiting for your comment to post this one - I was genuinely delayed!

madhumathi said...

:).. some day I should tell Ashwin what Amma does after she goes to office.

Anonymous said...

Ash knows that his mummum will come only when Amma goes yo Offit