Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Too bad Icarus didn't think of it...

One of Ashwin's favourite stories is a modified version of the Icarus story. In my story, Icarus wants to fly and touch the Sun against his father's warning. He goes ahead and does it but the wings melt when he is close to the sun and he falls down and gets hurt. He apologises to his father for not heeding his words and his father takes him to the doctor. Ashwin's favourite part of the story is where the doctor gives him an injection and puts cream and sticker and gives him some medicine and gives him a candy and he becomes OK again. Until a few days ago, I was unsure if he understood any other part of the story...

He mused over the story in his bed for a few minutes and then asked:

Why didn't Icarus go to the moon instead? The moon is not hot you know...
In other news, my due date has come and gone and the big bwother in waiting has no baby sister to show for it...

Monday, April 20, 2009

He has a mind of his own

We sold our flat in Singapore (at last...) and Ashwin and I were offering thanks to God for that. As we usually do, I was saying things to Ummachi and he was repeating after me.

Me: Ummachi, we sold our house in Singapore.
Ashwin: Ummachi, we sold our house in Singapore.

Me: Thank you ummachi.
Ashwin: Thank you ummachi.

Me: We should buy a house in Australia soon.
Ashwin: We should buy a house in Australia soon.

(and before I could continue, with his index finger pointing upwards for emphasis)

Ashwin: But, that house should have a swimming pool...

Proof that English is over complicated...

Ashwin wanted to play hide and seek (or rather hide and count as he calls it) one day. Thatha told him to go and count. His response?

But whobody no do hide you know... (translated from Tamil, yaarume hide pannala!)

His favourite pose these days is to stand upside down on the sofa. The other day I told him not to do that when there was noone in the room with him.

My exact words as I was walking into the room were: Don't do that when there's nobody in the room. You'll get hurt.

Ashwin: Now there is yesbody??!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


This morning I asked Ashwin to go and brush his teeth with Raghu who was in the bathroom. He said he wanted to go with Jayaraman Thatha.

Jayaraman thatha is doing Jojo, I said.
"Then, Savithri paati", he replied.
Why don't you want to brush your teeth with Appa? Savithri paati is busy, I said.
"Because appa do wash the brush appa-self", came the reply.