Tuesday, November 27, 2007


That was my heart bursting with pride!

I introduced a book on opposites to Ashwin in an attempt to explain to him why he can't sit in his small toy car and auto. He has become quite fond of this book now and can read this book by himself (almost!).
  • Big - Smaa
  • Yong - sha
  • Day - Night
  • Hot - Night (still working on this)
  • Happy - Sad
  • Empty - Pull
  • Up - Down (his favourite)
  • Opa - kosh
  • Yeff - Eight
  • Sow - Fas
And to think that I did not know the opposite of heavy when I was 8 years old - perhaps my mom is making that up?!

When he eats his breakfast, he picks up a piece of dosai and decides it is big and proceeds to cut it (or opa door) into miniscule smaa pieces before putting them in his mouth. He still wants to sit in his small toy cars and autos though!

Also? Numbers! He can say numbers upto 10 without prompting and here's how it goes:
  • Aun
  • Tooooo
  • Theee
  • Pour
  • Pi
  • Sis
  • Seeen
  • Aait
  • Nine
  • Ten
Clap clap clap!

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madhumathi said...

Smart kid!! Just like Madhu chitti :)