Sunday, November 25, 2007

Weekend snippets

We were in the playground when a random stranger was walking by. Ashwin wanted to shake hands with him, so we ran and caught up with him and shook hands.

"What's your name" the guy asked.
"Athin" the reply shot out even before I could have a chance to open my mouth!

I was chatting with one of our neighbours in the corridor and I asked him what the time was.

After careful consultation of both his wrists, on one of which he had a wrist rattle and the other, nothing, Ashwin replied "Forty Three"

While we were having dinner the other night, Ashwin announced "Poo irukku".

So I asked him, "Ashwin, do you want to do poopoo?"
Indicating his cute backside, he replied "Poo. Big poo".

He, hmmm, delivered the said goods.

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