Monday, October 26, 2009

His little brain is overworking.

The other day, there was a cyclone awareness briefing at the library (Karratha is a cyclone prone area) and I left Ashwin and Divya with Raghu and went to attend the briefing with my friend. Ashwin was not at all pleased. I explained to him that there was a policeman at the door and if you were not big people, he would not allow you to go in. How could I leave him at outside and go in?

"Then, you also don't go in. You take me home"

I told him that the policeman was telling me all about cyclones and teaching me how to take care of my children if there is a cyclone.

"Oh, he said that you have to carry me and tell the cyclone, GO AWAY, don't bite my children, is it?"

Not really darling, he told me that I have to have a radio and battries at home and to keep the door closed and things like that.

He processed this for a while and the questions continued.

"If there is only one parent and one children at home, what will the policeman say?"

He will say wait until the other parent comes home in the evening and then come for the briefing.

"If there is only one parent, and no parent comes home in the evening, what will the policeman say?"

He will say please can you leave your children at your friend's house and come for the briefing.

"If there is only one house, and bob the builder did not make any other house, what will the policeman say?"

I don't know, perhaps he will say tell Ashwin to stop thinking so much?

while I'm on the brag train

Divya loves to watch water from the tap. Her already big eyes get even wider as I turn the tap on and as if by magic, water comes out! She flaps her little hands and legs in appreciation.

The other day, I took her with me on a trip to put a dirty nappy into the nappy bucket in the sink. She looked at the tap and then at me at the tap and then at me again with a command: DO YOUR MAGIC! Needless to say, I obliged.

She is not yet six months old, mind you!

She's got many other tricks up her sleeves too. Her favourite activity now is to sit in her highchair and drop everything on the tray onto the floor. This has Ashwin in hysterics and he faithfully picks up the fallen toys (and utensils and spoons...) and puts it back on the tray. She drops it again to much laughter from Ashwin. Thank God for older brothers!

Identity crisis...

I was having a chat with Ashwin the other day when I asked him,

Ashwin, are you Indian?

He shook his head vigourously.

What are you then?

I'm vegetarian.

Confidence - thy name is Ashwin!

The otherday, we went for a wonderful storytime session called bookworm here in Karratha and the theme of the day was post office. They read stories about letters and postman and did an excellent craft of converting a diaper box into a postbox. Then they wrote some letters to put in the postbox for the postman to deliver.

When it was letter writing time, I had to feed Divya so Ashwin turned to a nice lady and told her that he did not know to write his name. So she offered to write it for him if he told her the letters in it.

A.. W.. H... he began as she wrote. He shook his head vigourously when she got to "H". That's not H. I will show you.. He took the pen from her and "elegantly" wrote a capital H to teach the lady. (look hard next to his "name" to find his H).

From blog

Cloth diapering and loving it.

Rainbow baby!

Coordinating colours with bedding...

What??! Don't you always dress according to bedding??!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Rapid fire narrative

At a birthday party last Saturday,

"Amma, you know something, the party man gave me a chocolate and I said to him please can I have one more chocolate because I have a baby and he gave me one more chocolate and I said thanks my mother will give it to him when he becomes a little bit bigger baby?"

And then I couldn't resist the cuteness and so I ate him up whole.