Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Divya's first art at 14 months

She walked around clutching this like a trophy all evening stopping at each person to show it off to them, beaming beautifully when they remarked how beautiful it was!

Looking forward to do a lot more messy craft with you missy rani!
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Starting off with perfection

and setting high expectations for the rest of his life! Do us proud always, my charming boy!
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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Not only is she cute, she is so helpful!

Divya followed me to the toilet the other time and after I had finished my job there, she proudly marched out ahead of me to the bedside table to fetch a diaper and offered it to me - for me!

Ashwin the star

Front page of the July 3-4 edition of Pilbara echo featuring Ashwin on the front page. I couldn't stop beaming!

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

More conversation

In the car this morning as I took Ashwin for his ultrasound:

Amma, did you see the new potato growing on the tree?
Me: No.
OK, I will show it to you when we are going back.

Amma, do you know how the shops get the food? The trees grow the food and the shopman will walk around and wait for the tree to drop the food. And then they will quickly pick it up. That's how.

Me: Really? What about milk?

Milk comes from farms. The cows lay them.

Me: Really? How do the cows lay milk?

I don't know. Only the cow can know. And the chicks lay eggs............ No no. The hens lay eggs. The chicks sometimes hatch them. Hatch means they break them.

Me: Why do they break them?

I think they are hungry and want to eat them.

(And I ate him up at this point, sorry, couldn't resist!)

My little ballerina

My little ballerina loves her shoes. The first noun in her vocabulary is shhsssss (shoes) with a big grin on her face. When we go to the shops, she likes to pick out her shoes and even at this age, she's got style. When we were in Broome, I went to Best & Less and I was looking for shoes for her but I couldn't locate them, and she said, shhsss shsss pointing at the right rack!!

At home, she may not be wearing clothes, but she will wear her shoes. She will pick up a new pair and go to the first person she can charm into putting it on for her. Yesterday, she went down for her morning nap with shoes. Pink checked ones. On her left feet. And sparkly silver ones on her right. This morning, she was unconsolable when she woke up and was clinging to me while I was desparate for a moment to make my coffee. She only detatched herself from me when I reminded her that she didn't have shoes on!

Keep going my girlie girl, I'm going to have fun with you!

Saturday, July 3, 2010


While having lunch today, somehow the topic of children came up.

What's called children Ashwin, I asked.

He finished chewing the food in the mouth and replied:

Children are people, but they are small. Like me.

Is Divya children?


Am I children?

No. You are mother.

We discussed a few more people and then continued eating.


You know something amma, very soon, I won't be children anymore. Very soon. I will be a father.


Yeah, that's what happens.

Won't you be mother?

No. You know how it works.. If you are a children and you are a girl, you can be mother. If the children is a boy, you can only be a father.