Thursday, November 15, 2007

The father of my son.

Yesterday, while speaking about Ashwin's upcoming birthday, I said something to the effect of this is the day you became a father and I became a mother. His reply? "It is Ashwin's day, don't take it away from him".

Seems innocuous but I read a lot into this. Lot of love. Love for my son and love for me.

I love birthdays. So much that I get excited about my upcoming birthday a month in advance. When my birthday has gone by, I am actually disappointed. Yeah, I'm mature like that.

For my husband, birthdays have not been nearly as important. It's just another day, just a {little} special. Without my realising it until now, without my asking for it, he has handed over his birthday to me. I get excited about his birthday too. I plan ahead for a month, shop and bake. Sometimes, when possible, I even use the excuse of his birthday to plan a holiday. Watching me get excited and happy makes him happy.

He wants for my son the same happiness I derive from birthdays. He wants to keep the day as HIS day. He does not want it shared, not even by two people who became parents that day. He loves my son that much.

And I love him for it. He is a wonderful father, the father of my son!


lrjayaraman said...

Hope u had a wonderful birthday party.
Maybe, we will all be there in Perth for the 3rd bithday

madhumathi said...

Why so senti today? First the freeze the moment post then this.. Hard to accept but feeling a little proud of you also. I have shared your blog with everyone I know :)

Anu said...

Dont worry, this psenti-mushy stuff is sooo yesterday now. I think Ashwin's birthday did it to me ;)