Tuesday, November 10, 2009

First serious attempt at using scissors

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Nearly 4

A party needs an invite and a boy needs to be occupied.

You are invited, of course!

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Ashwin goes to a story and craft session called bookwork in Karratha and they do the most amazing crafts. Since I am a mean mom and can't imagine saving up the pileload of crafts that come home with him, I have decided to scan them and save them here for him in this blog. So here's the first one.

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Painted with ice cube and sand castles dipped in actual sand. Isn't it lovely?!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Amma, what is this? asked Ashwin pointing at the letter "S" on his wall borders.

That is "S" Ashwin, I replied and S says "ssssss". Perhaps I was too ambitious but I sensed an opportunity and I was not about to let it pass. So I rambled on:

"Ssssssssssss" like Saturday, Sunday, Sweet, Sorry, Savithri Paati, Santa Claus...

BALLOON, Ashwin added helpfully to the list.

Nothing says Ssssssss like a balloon, or wait, perhaps he is talking about the balloon deflating! After all, he is my smart boy!! :)