Monday, August 27, 2012

The dead machines

In our library, we have 2 machines for DIY checkout that are almost always not working. They are also the high point of the trip to the library for the kids. So, inevitably, we spend several minutes trying to use them before queuing for the librarian.

Yestarday was no different. As we gave up on the machine, Ashwin observed,

Amma, these machines are not working.

Me: I know.

Ashwin: They are dead. See that sign there, it says dye borrowing.

DIY Borrowing!

How could we have missed this glaring sign before???!!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Divya speak

In the car y'day as we arrived at the swimming pool:

Divya: Wysmytweegoingyees
Me: What?
Divya: Wys my stwee going yeevs
Me (Panicking that I'd forgotten something at home!): Where's your what?
Ashwin (Rolling his eyes at dumb me): Christmas trees growing leaves!

Thank goodness I have an interpreter!

Monday, August 20, 2012

A child's voice

We attended the Indian Independence Day celebrations in Perth and were treated to a colourful array of dances. The title of one of the dance numbers loosely translated to Beauty. The dancers, decked in lovely sarees with the pallu covering their faces came whirling out to catcalls and whistles from the audience.

"Who are they?", Divya asked.
"They are dancers Divya.. " I explained the obvious. (more whirling with pallu-covered face on stage)
"But what are they called??!" she demanded growing a teenie bit uneasy.
"I don''t know", I replied. (some more whirling. Same pallu-covered faces)

"ARE THEY MONSTERS???!" She shouted (thank God for the crowd noise!) before they threw open their pallus to show the "beauty"!

I can't not gloat about a moment (or several moments) of pride that happened earlier in the same show.

The show started with the Australian national anthem to pay respect to the host country. The audience was quiet while there were four singers on the stage singing from paper cues. It was in this almost awkward silence that Divya decided to showcase her knowledge. In a clear, loud, toddler voice, she went:

Austweyans aw yet us wejoice fo we are young and fwee....

What will I do when they grow up?

And I don't have a three year old daughter to throw open the door of the public restroom I am using (while I shout no No NOOO) and march out and crawl back in under the door???!

It will be a strange feeling to meet dignity again!

Divya & modesty don't go together...

Divya and I went to the supermarket in the weekend while Ashwin was at drama class. My normally cute daughter was still in her ballet clothes making her irresistably cute, even if I say so myself :)

An elderly gentleman smiled at us as I collected the trolley. We passed the same gentleman in the aisle and he remarked, "isn't it a pity they grow up? She is so cute!". My daughter stared him in the eye and replied:

"I'm not cute, I'm BEAUTIFUL"

(and later, she tried to explain him with: May be he knows only cute? He does not know beautiful?)