Thursday, December 18, 2008


Ashwin had a splinter in his foot yesterday and I took him to the doctor to have it removed. I was afraid of taking him all by myself as I would have to hold him and I am scared of needles (scared being a bit mild). And blood.

The doctor had him lie on the bed with the white sheet and boy, he looked so tiny there! I wanted to scoop him up and push him back into my tummy (even though it has another occupant now) and keep him safe there. The doctor shone a light at his feet while a nurse held his leg. I caught glimses of the doc picking up the needle and glimses of red. The nurse was trying to strike a conversation with Ashwin while I stood there stupidly. He did not once flinch. Or cry. Or complain. Cooperated so beautifully that the doc gave him 4 jelly babies!

Is this really my son??!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Precious Bytes and Nibbles

Amma, naan lawn mow pannaren, he said pushing his tricycle around the front yard. For some reason, he felt compelled to translate to English: I am lawning the mow.

I was reminded of my Hindi teacher

Yesterday I woke up and left the bed to prepare breakfast before Ashwin was up. He woke up soon after and called for me.

"Why did you leave me and go?" he asked when I went to check on him.

I told him that he was still sleeping and I was done sleeping, so I left.

In the perfect tone of a hindi teacher who doubles as a principal, he told me:

"You should WAIT for me next time." While I was mentally composing this post and trying not to laugh, he continued, "OK AMMA? Nee per STUPID BOY"

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

New Age Worship

Ashwin was intrigued by the priest performing Abhishegam in the temple. So here is my little priest in our back yard doing Ummachi Kaapaathu Jojo...
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No Presents for Kamal Hassan

Story Time

Our library had their story time Christmas Party today. After singing the rhymes and Carols and listening to stories and doing craft.... SANTA CLAUS made an appearance. Before I could blink, Ashwin was on his way to meet the old guy. He came back clutching a small bag - a PRESENT from Santa Claus!!!

Queuing to meet Santa Claus

I tried to explain naughty or nice to my son:

"Do you know why Santa Claus gave you a present Ashwin? It's because you are a good boy. Only good boys get presents from Santa Claus".

There was a minute's pause when I thought he was ignoring me in light of his new found treasure. Then he said to me:

"Santa Claus won't give any presents to Kadav Hassan because he is a stupid boy, but he will give the priest presents because he is a good boy, right??!"

Absolutely, my son!

The wreath he made before he declared "I had Enough!"

Monday, December 8, 2008

My wittle chatterbox!

I took Ashwin to the clinic on Sunday and he was talking NON STOP as usual.

"Why is there only one man in this room?"
"Why is there only one doctor today?"
"What are the other doctors doing?"
"Will they finish dinner and come here"?
"Will wee willie monkey go to their house?"
"Will they come here tomorrow?"

The receptionist remarked: "He's quite a chatterbox, isn't he?"

He went quiet for a while (like 20 seconds!) before asking me:
"Why did the lady say I'm Santa Claus?"

Pilot needs a real aeroplane.

Ashwin got a ride-on wooden aeroplane from the toy library this week and promptly became a pilot. After cruising around in his aeroplane for a while, he came to ask me why the aeroplane was not flying.

"This is a toy aeroplane", I told him. "You have to act as if it is flying".

After inspecting it for a while, he came back to me:

"Where is ACT??!"

I tried to explain further, "Act is a verb Ashwin, it is not on the aeroplane" (I can be very helpful, I know!)

"Where is ACT VERB???!!"

I'm giving up: "This is not a real aeroplane, it is just a toy, This can't fly".

"I want a real aeroplane"

Of course he does!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Social Scene at Day Care

Oh the joy of being surrounded by cute girls...
And getting up close and personal...

One lucky boy he is!