Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Divya's first art at 14 months

She walked around clutching this like a trophy all evening stopping at each person to show it off to them, beaming beautifully when they remarked how beautiful it was!

Looking forward to do a lot more messy craft with you missy rani!
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Starting off with perfection

and setting high expectations for the rest of his life! Do us proud always, my charming boy!
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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Not only is she cute, she is so helpful!

Divya followed me to the toilet the other time and after I had finished my job there, she proudly marched out ahead of me to the bedside table to fetch a diaper and offered it to me - for me!

Ashwin the star

Front page of the July 3-4 edition of Pilbara echo featuring Ashwin on the front page. I couldn't stop beaming!

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

More conversation

In the car this morning as I took Ashwin for his ultrasound:

Amma, did you see the new potato growing on the tree?
Me: No.
OK, I will show it to you when we are going back.

Amma, do you know how the shops get the food? The trees grow the food and the shopman will walk around and wait for the tree to drop the food. And then they will quickly pick it up. That's how.

Me: Really? What about milk?

Milk comes from farms. The cows lay them.

Me: Really? How do the cows lay milk?

I don't know. Only the cow can know. And the chicks lay eggs............ No no. The hens lay eggs. The chicks sometimes hatch them. Hatch means they break them.

Me: Why do they break them?

I think they are hungry and want to eat them.

(And I ate him up at this point, sorry, couldn't resist!)

My little ballerina

My little ballerina loves her shoes. The first noun in her vocabulary is shhsssss (shoes) with a big grin on her face. When we go to the shops, she likes to pick out her shoes and even at this age, she's got style. When we were in Broome, I went to Best & Less and I was looking for shoes for her but I couldn't locate them, and she said, shhsss shsss pointing at the right rack!!

At home, she may not be wearing clothes, but she will wear her shoes. She will pick up a new pair and go to the first person she can charm into putting it on for her. Yesterday, she went down for her morning nap with shoes. Pink checked ones. On her left feet. And sparkly silver ones on her right. This morning, she was unconsolable when she woke up and was clinging to me while I was desparate for a moment to make my coffee. She only detatched herself from me when I reminded her that she didn't have shoes on!

Keep going my girlie girl, I'm going to have fun with you!

Saturday, July 3, 2010


While having lunch today, somehow the topic of children came up.

What's called children Ashwin, I asked.

He finished chewing the food in the mouth and replied:

Children are people, but they are small. Like me.

Is Divya children?


Am I children?

No. You are mother.

We discussed a few more people and then continued eating.


You know something amma, very soon, I won't be children anymore. Very soon. I will be a father.


Yeah, that's what happens.

Won't you be mother?

No. You know how it works.. If you are a children and you are a girl, you can be mother. If the children is a boy, you can only be a father.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Heart warming moments

We went to the shops yesterday and as we roamed the shoes aisle, Divya excitedly pointed at the pairs of shoes she wanted and I bought them. They were shiny and I have a girl, so that's the license I need to buy shiny pretty shoes (and clothes, and hairclips and ... *Thank God Raghu doesn't read my blog* ). So we came home with two pairs of shoes and I put one on Divya and then went my way unpacking our shopping. She wanted to try the other pair on and whom did she turn to? Her brother. He patiently put the shoes on her feet one by one while she cooperated and then pulled her up to her shiny shod feet and took her for a walk so that she could show off her pretty little shoes.

Lucky girl to have a big brother like him..

I also remember dreading shoe shopping with Ashwin in Singapore, he would put his feet up to try on shoes but not let me take them off. If you intend to leave the shop without purchasing at least one pair, God save you!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

A new unit of size

Amma, you want to know how big i'm are?


* Runs his hands super slowly all the way up from his feet to his head and back to his other feet.*

Took a long time right, I'm soooo big.

Feel the feel

Ashwin was reading this book to his sister and this is how the conversation went:

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See Divya, Yellow. Yellow Divya! Yellow!! Feel divya, feel. *Taking her hand to the shiny bits* feel. yeah, feel feeeeeeel.

And all the while she obliged him and wore an important and satisfied look on her face.

Teaching her to spell

As Ashwin and Divya shared afternoon tea yesterday, Ashwin pointed at this bottle of honey and tried to teach Divya spelling:

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H.. o.. u.. e.. y.. a.. u.. s.. t.. r.. a.. l.. i.. a.. u. Honey

Now she knows who to blame when she gets a less than perfect score at a spelling test..

Blog revival

Is my resolution of the day.

Monday, February 22, 2010

My littlest helper!

Did you think I did my chores by myself?

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Our family

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Fruit time

It is fruit time
It is fruit time
Time to eat
Time to eat
When I'm hungry
Fruit is yummy
In my tummy
In my tummy

And then, you dont eat. You have to WAIT until Miss. Olynyk says you can eat and then you can eat.

Snippets from school

How was school today Ashwin? I asked when I went to collect him yesterday. Nice came the succinct reply. What did you do? I don't know.

Don't know?

You went to school today, right?


What did you do there?

I don't remember.

This is as I was picking him up a few seconds after school finished...

This morning, when I was putting clothes out on the line to dry,

Amma, you know, in school, when the clean up bell rings outside, we have to shake the things to remove the sand from it and then put it into the basket and then when the basket is full, we should not do anything by ourself but we should find a friend and together carry it to the shelf?

I love hearing these snippets from him and reliving childhood education through him. But I guess I just have to take them as he dishes them out and stay hungry until then :)

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Ashwin has begun articulating perfectly leaving only vestiges of baby "angluage" in his speech. This "much" series is one of those precious vestiges that he will never outgrow if I could do something about it.

How much milk do you have in your mug?
I have only little much.
We both have same much, right?
I finished! I have no much left!
While beading a necklace:
Amma, can I use any much beads that I want?
I love this boy a lot much. Very lot much.

When Santa came home : Taking better late than never to a whole new level

Santa MUST be bringing me someting yummy... (Clothes are optional when meeting Santa)
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Yummy presents...
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Feel the love...
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Love goes topsy turvy...
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It is fun though.. Especially when there are baby toes involved!
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The setting sun

Look amma, I made Sun! Ashwin announced:

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How proud I was! My son the budding artist.. He has started drawing recognisable pictures now and this is one of them.

He was obviously encouraged by my reaction and decided to make one more sun.

Look amma, he exclaimed, the sun is setting!!

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Is he a genius or what??!

Monday, February 1, 2010

My baby has gone to school

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Today was Ashwin's first day at school.

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He woke up at 6:15 and came to me and said: Amma, give me the orange, I need to go to school. To say he was excited to go would be an understatement. Before 7:30, he had had his milk, showered, dressed, tidied up his room and was getting angry with the clock for not being 8 o'clock.

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On the one hand, I want to freeze him so that I can always keep my cute and cuddly son by my side, on the other hand, I'm proud of my growing boy and am sure this is the start of a happy and fruitful education for him.

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We said our prayers and left for school at 8 o'clock. At school, we found a hook outside with Ashwin's name on it to hang up his school bag. He put his shoes under the bag and the hat over it and went inside. Once inside, we found a badge with his name on it and pinned it on. The first few minutes were for the parents to familiarise the children with the room, not that Ashwin (or the other kids for that matter) needed it. Then, the bell rang for tidy up and the kids gathered around their teacher (Miss Olynyk) to listen to her. I was under the impression that my smart boy was an exception and that the other kids would be whinging and clinging to the parents. But they all seemed so smart - beautifully sitting and listening and responding to the teacher. Good luck to Miss Olynyk to handle a class full of these smarties :)

Leaving to pick him up from school in a few minutes now. Can't wait to hear about the day from him!

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Friday, January 1, 2010

Writing his name!

I wrote about his first attempt at writing his name a few days ago (last year!) and since them he has been regularly writing his name, each version cuter than the other, and my BLASTED camera has stopped working! Injustice!!

Conversations with a four year old

Santa Claus brought Ashwin a tool set and when we came back from our Christmas break in Exmouth (That will be a separate blog entry), he promptly assumed the role of bob the builder. He was having breakfast with us when he said he also has a son, just like me.

Who's your mother, I asked him.

No one. He replied emphatically. I growed up big all by myself you know.

But whose thoppah did you come out of?

I was inside a machine and then the machine PUT me down.

This is what is Deiva Piravi I suppose.


Later that day, while still being bob, he told me he has two sons. The first ones name is Ashwin and the second one is also called Ashwin because he likes the name Ashwin very much. I wanted to show him the complication of naming his two sons Ashwin so I asked him, if you say, Ashwin, come and have yummy breakfast, who will come?

Both will come, he replied.

If you say, Ashwin, go and check post, who will go?

Both will go.

If you say, Ashwin! Go to the naughty boy corner, who will go?

No one will go because they both don't like the naughty boy corner.


Later in the day, while still being bob, he wanted to call a customer, so I lent him Raghu's phone which had no credit in it. He randomly punched in some numbers and pressed call. A pleasant voice came on to tell him he had no credit to make calls blah blah blah.

After asking me who it was for a few minutes and not getting a satisfactory answer, he turned to the phone again:

But, what's your name?

Are you the police?

Still getting no answer, he offered me the phone, Amma, could you PLEASE find out if this is the police? I said no, I was afraid if it is the police. So he offered: If it is the police, you QUICKLY press the red button, okay?

My life is just getting more and more interesting by the day!
An aside: It took me 20 minutes to write this entry. Why? because my cheely monkey, otherwise called Divya, kept leaning in and pressing delete and home as I was typing. Cheek monkey indeed...