Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sibling conversation

Recounted by Madhu...

Ashwin stayed home from school the other day due to a stomach ache. He was battling with pain when Divya, with hair clips on her hair, walked upto him:

Ashwin.... How pretty do I look?

Ashwin (rolling his eyes and clutching his stomach): Very.

On his way to high places

When I came home from work the other day, both kids were missing. I was told they've gone apple-seed selling.

Turns out Ashwin found some apple seeds in school (let's resist guessing how he found them!) and decided to make some money with them. He sold a few to our gardener for a dollar. Some to a neighbour and 10 to another neighbour for a cent each. The duo came home clutching the coins while Ashwin was adding the booty to the money already in his money box which comes to one thousand and thirteen.... cents..

I vaguely recall reading about some big entrepreneur (Bill Gates??!) making money by selling matchboxes when he was very young.. Now all Ashwin needs to do is drop out of college to be guaranteed a place in "high places"