Monday, November 19, 2007

I'm turning two and want to celebrate with you!

We celebrated Ashwin's birthday party on Sunday, 18th November. 3 days after his birthday, but that is his Estimated Date of Delivery. Not our fault if he decided to come early, is it?

The plans were grand. We wanted to celebrate by the side of the playground where there's a BBQ pit too. Children were supposed to run around in the playground and adults were supposed to chat and laze around in the park chairs. Supposed to that is, if Mr. Rain did not play spoilt sport. He threatened to come down with a bang, but finally did not show up at all. Still, we decided to play safe and move to plan 2: Prepare our flat to receive 10 children. And the parents. And did I mention 10 children? We managed somehow. Actually, you know what? We did not manage, we had GREAT FUN!

We had 8 little kiddos and 2 big boys at home intent on having fun. And boy, did they have fun?

I had rented a bubble blowing machine and the kids went wild!

We had our very own magician Raghul entertain us too.

Ashwin had a doggie cake and he tried so hard to blow out the candles. But as loud as he tried to say "ufffff", the candles stayed lit and that was SOOO funny!

And for dinner, the kids had noodles and mango pudding. And Jus. Poor kids, they somehow managed ;)

Here's an account of the cuteness of the night:

The birthday boy!
Multiple cuteness!
Eye hurting cuteness!
The big Shaun
Cute Kate
Naughty Adesh
Sweet Adeena
Intruged Sai
Serious Kevin
Buddy Shaun

Special special thanks to Parimal, our extremely talented official photographer for the night and to Suresh, our extremely talented official videographer. If you want to book either of them for your parties, remember that they come highly recommended!

See you all in Perth for my 3rd birthday!


madhumathi said...

Why dont u put the photo where he is trying to say "ufff" it looks more like an attempt to kiss those candles though :) Surely wont miss the third birthday in Perth and Vijay chitappa will come too :)

lrjayaraman said...

I suddenly remember the chant "So coute, so cute. so cute ..... just now" made by those young girls during our Big Walk.
Should all be there in Perth for the young man's birthday.

Anu said...

Mad, that was from his birthday, not from the day of the party. But you are right, I have to use that photo, so I've added it to the freeze the moment post.