Tuesday, July 13, 2010

More conversation

In the car this morning as I took Ashwin for his ultrasound:

Amma, did you see the new potato growing on the tree?
Me: No.
OK, I will show it to you when we are going back.

Amma, do you know how the shops get the food? The trees grow the food and the shopman will walk around and wait for the tree to drop the food. And then they will quickly pick it up. That's how.

Me: Really? What about milk?

Milk comes from farms. The cows lay them.

Me: Really? How do the cows lay milk?

I don't know. Only the cow can know. And the chicks lay eggs............ No no. The hens lay eggs. The chicks sometimes hatch them. Hatch means they break them.

Me: Why do they break them?

I think they are hungry and want to eat them.

(And I ate him up at this point, sorry, couldn't resist!)

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Ashwin Thatha said...

Great. Getting smarter by the day