Sunday, June 27, 2010

Heart warming moments

We went to the shops yesterday and as we roamed the shoes aisle, Divya excitedly pointed at the pairs of shoes she wanted and I bought them. They were shiny and I have a girl, so that's the license I need to buy shiny pretty shoes (and clothes, and hairclips and ... *Thank God Raghu doesn't read my blog* ). So we came home with two pairs of shoes and I put one on Divya and then went my way unpacking our shopping. She wanted to try the other pair on and whom did she turn to? Her brother. He patiently put the shoes on her feet one by one while she cooperated and then pulled her up to her shiny shod feet and took her for a walk so that she could show off her pretty little shoes.

Lucky girl to have a big brother like him..

I also remember dreading shoe shopping with Ashwin in Singapore, he would put his feet up to try on shoes but not let me take them off. If you intend to leave the shop without purchasing at least one pair, God save you!

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Ashwin Thatha said...

How nice. Good Divya doesn't react like her brothr in a shoe shop. U'l get broke, otherwise