Monday, February 1, 2010

My baby has gone to school

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Today was Ashwin's first day at school.

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He woke up at 6:15 and came to me and said: Amma, give me the orange, I need to go to school. To say he was excited to go would be an understatement. Before 7:30, he had had his milk, showered, dressed, tidied up his room and was getting angry with the clock for not being 8 o'clock.

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On the one hand, I want to freeze him so that I can always keep my cute and cuddly son by my side, on the other hand, I'm proud of my growing boy and am sure this is the start of a happy and fruitful education for him.

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We said our prayers and left for school at 8 o'clock. At school, we found a hook outside with Ashwin's name on it to hang up his school bag. He put his shoes under the bag and the hat over it and went inside. Once inside, we found a badge with his name on it and pinned it on. The first few minutes were for the parents to familiarise the children with the room, not that Ashwin (or the other kids for that matter) needed it. Then, the bell rang for tidy up and the kids gathered around their teacher (Miss Olynyk) to listen to her. I was under the impression that my smart boy was an exception and that the other kids would be whinging and clinging to the parents. But they all seemed so smart - beautifully sitting and listening and responding to the teacher. Good luck to Miss Olynyk to handle a class full of these smarties :)

Leaving to pick him up from school in a few minutes now. Can't wait to hear about the day from him!

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Ashwin Thatha said...

Very cute. All the very best to the smart boy.
What is the little sister doing with his bag> Ready to be chewed?

madhuvijay said...

Happy Schooling little one :) Madhu chitti is so proud of you!

オテモヤン said...