Thursday, October 25, 2007

Trip back from Perth

Ashwin had a wonderful time in the airport. He saw a boy (about 6 years old) at the checkin counter and gleefully ran through the maze of the barrier tapes with him. The same boy was inside the boarding area and Ashwin went wild running after him and repeating everything he was saying. That boy was climbing on chairs and jumping and Ashwin wanted to jump too. When I went to catch him, he shouted "go go go". Wanted to jump all by himself. He is very quickly becoming a big boy.

He was thrilled by the taxi ride - Tachi okachi. He thought all the street lights were flights and kept saying Woosh all the way home. He was very happy to go home and see thathi paati and chandra. He proudly showed thatha his tosh (socks), grabbed the real Nutty (he had a small replacement tiget-nutty for the trip), ran through the house, jumped on the sofas and then fell asleep in no time at all.

He might have probably thought we were never coming back to Singapore!

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