Sunday, October 28, 2007

Nayee Nayee

Ashwin wants to do everything by himself. If we do something that he wants to do (like switch on the light), he will scream "nayee nayee" until you return it to the original position and he will then do it by himself.

Things that he wants Nayee (and this list is ever expanding!)
  • Eat mammam (been going on for a long time)
  • Cut the dosai into small pieces (he will pull the full dosai into two pieces and consider if it is small enough to put in his mouth. If it is not, return one piece to plate and repeat with the other piece. Funny, I was taught to do this in class X or XII (successive approximation))
  • Hold the yoghurt cup while he eats
  • Put his kachi in the microwave
  • Start the microwave
  • Open the microwave when it is done
  • Wash his tooth brush
  • Put toothpaste on it - this he just tries, after a while, he lets me do it. He loves eating toothpaste that much!
  • Wash hands
  • Turn on / off the tap
  • Flush the toilet
  • Remove the phone receiver
  • Put a coin into his pocket (you can't imagine how much concentration this takes!)
  • Switch off the TV (he wants me by his side for this, to protect him in case of a loud noise)
  • Take off shoes, socks (thu, tosh)
  • Open and close doors (especially in restaurants)
(I'm sure this is hardly complete, but you get the idea. )

The other day, he wanted to do susu, but wanted to open the door nayee. He tried for a while but he couldn't manage to open it. So he said "chuchu aaaa (can't type that sound)", (no susu, forget it!).

What does he say when he wants you do something? Patting your arm "Nayee"

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Lalgudi said...

Thatha is waiting for him to say Naaye Naaye.
Nice to see that he wants to do things on his own.
Never again flush the toilet after his use. He excused you once already.