Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Kaa! (Insert expression of awe and surprise)

Ashwin has learnt to express awe and he does it liberally.
  • Scoop a spoonful of yoghurt - Kaa! (look, there's yoghurt on my spoon! Isn't it awesome?)
  • Deposit this spoonful in the mouth - Kaa! (Look, there's yoghurt in my mouth! How did it get here!!)
  • Deposit another spoonful of yoghurt in the mouth - Kaa! (Look, again! There's yoghurt in the mouth. This must be magic)
  • Deposit another spoonful of yoghurt in the mouth - Kaa! (Just as awesome as the previous two spoonfuls, and the next few will be just as awesome too).
  • An MRT going by - Kaa! Look at that! A Thee (train).
  • Another MRT going by - Kaa! Look! Look! Another train.. And another. And another.
  • A taxi is going by - Kaa! A taxi - can you believe it? I just saw a TAXI!!
  • A loose strand of hair on the floor - Kaa! Never mind that in my house it is actually a surprise not to find hair on the floor!
  • A baby in the vicinity - Kaa!
  • A bird flying - Kaa!
  • A traffic light on red - Kaa!
  • The light changed to green - Kaa!

I just want to look at him and go - Kaa! My son is growing! How awesome can he be!).

1 comment:

Lalgudi said...

What happens when he sees a crow?
He would have told its name in his mother tongue !!!!