Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Ashwinish Dictionary

I've been wanting to list down the words in Ashwinish for a long time now. I cannot delay any longer as Ashwin's vocabulary is increasing exponentially. Also, he is correcting many of his cute mis-pronounciations, so let me capture the moment NOW.

Aai - Phone
Atha - Ashwin.
Babaash - Ba ba black sheep
Bosh - Blocks
Cai - Throw, it fell down, got hurt
Dedi - Baby
Duddu - Milk
Dum - Jump
Eaeao - Put on music
Fosh - Flush
Indha - give it to me (not the other way round!)
Jeeba - Zebra
Kaa - look at this!
Kash - Money, coin in his pocket (Kaasu)
Kochi - coffee or milk in a coffee mug - used to be kachi, it is now the victim of one of his refinements.
Kosh - Close (kosh the door, opa door)
Mammam - food
Nayee - I do it.
Neaw - Cat
Nutty - Any soft toy (it started with one particular teddy bear, but now it is all of them)
Okkachi - Sit down, ride the toy car, go down and sit in the real car, you get up from this seat so that I can sit down
Ship - Sheep
Tachi - Depending on context - Taxi or sleep
Thee - three or train
Thu - Shoe
Tosh - Socks

Another thing he is into is optimising words. Susu has become Chu. Poopoo is now poo and sometimes okachi becomes kachi - so you don't know if he wants to ride the car or drink milk. Ashwin of course does not understand why we adults have such limited intelligence that we can't decode this correctly, so it results in him squatting on the floor and crying for kachi until we figure it out!


Lalgudi said...

Nannayee = Not tasty

Sravi said...


nice blog!u r one enthusiastice mum :-) ashwin would njoi reading this when he grows up.

madhu directed me to this waiting for ur report on madhu's engagement :)