Thursday, October 25, 2007

Purpose of this blog

Ashwin is going to be two years old in a few weeks. He is growing up in a hurry. Too much is happening too soon and I'm afraid he is leaving his babyness and early toddlerhood behind.

I want to hold on to these moments and share them with family and friends who are spread across the globe.

I will post his snippets for all of us to relish.


Lalgudi said...

Let him behave less than 2 years old for some more time.
This is the most unforgettable period in life.
Record all activities every week.

Viji said...

Great Write up Anu. Ashwin is going to have fun reading this when he grows up. Thanks for sending it to us. He is simply adorable.

AruneM said...

Why didnt you start this any earlier ?? More than Ashwin it has Anu written all over it- when I read it, I can almost hear you narrating it in your own 'kaa!'

There are just so many things and experiences we observe, relish, and enjoy, but the memories sadly disappear over time...

AruneM said...

i hope this blog is updated regularly.. are u still photographing him every month ?