Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Thank you my parenting guardian angel.

While my weekday mornings are generally rushed, wednesdays are even more so because I have a regular meeting in office at 8am. This means that I have to get Ashwin ready for day care and leave home by 7:30.

This morning, after I had showered and dressed Ashwin, he lay back in bed with his wet towel. He was trying to drape the towel over him like a blanket. He put quite a bit of effort into this to ensure that he was covered from his toes all the way to his neck with that small towel. When I wanted to put his socks on, he obviously wouldn't let me because exposing his feet would make his previous effort null and void.

Hmm... I watched the clock.


He lay smugly in bed.

I was evaluating my options. Should I yank his towel off? Try and explain that you should adhere to timing of corporate meetings (even if it is a lie!)? Bribe him to get up by telling him he could wear a hair clip to school?

He continued to lie there as I watched the clock again.


Just as I was about to do *something*, he blurted out:

"Naa ippa very happy irukken" (I am very happy now)

THAT is totally worth the awkwardness of being late in a meeting and much more.

I'm so glad I didn't destroy the moment, given how close I came to it..

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