Thursday, July 10, 2008

He's a growing boy.

It has been a long time since I have updated this blog. A lot has been happening here, but being cute has become so much the norm with Ashwin that I forget to write about it so often.

I have just kept pasta on the stove to boil and I told Ashwin that we will go to bed once the pasta had boiled. He rolled out one finger with great difficulty and said "Ashwin ku one pasta", another stubby finger followed: "Amma ku one pasta", "Appa ku one pasta" with another finger, "Police uncle ku one pasta", "Boyeyo uncle ko one pasta", with the last two fingers unfurling with such intense concentration and difficulty.

Yup, my little boy is counting with his fingers! And how cute is that??!

Among other news, he has begun constructing complex sentences. A conjunction is a compulsary part of his conversation. If you ask him if he wants a jacket, he will tell you, "ne heater on pannikka la SO warma irukku. Annala jacket aana". No kidding.

He has begun to recite nursery rhymes too. I didn't realise he knew any nursery rhymes at all despite singing them to him every so often. The other day, in the bath, I sang ABCD to him and finished it with "Wont you come and sing with me". His reaction? "Appi iyya. Next time wont you sing with me, appi sing pannun." His repertoire of songs consists of "Baa baa black sheep", "Row row row your boat" (which he sings as yo yo yo boat gently down the stream, meyyi meyyi meyyi meyyi yife is but a dream!), itsy bitsy spider (I'm thinking of charging money to let people watch as he mimes the spider climbing up with his fingers, it is impossibly cute) and many more, even I'm not sure how many.

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Ashwin Thatha said...

got to see this guy saying rhymes, on the web