Saturday, July 19, 2008

Understanding gender - with apologies to Bodhu Chitti

Me: Ashwin girl-a? boy-a?
Him: Boy.

Me: Appa?
Him: Boy

Me: Amma?
Him: Girl

Me: Subadhra Aunty?
Him Girl

Me: Pavithra?
Him: Girl

Me: Subagan?
Him: Boy

Me: Kannan uncle?
Him: Boy

Me: Chitra Athai?
Him: Girl

Me: Prakash Athimber?
Him: Boy

Me: Raghul?
Him: Boy

Me: Madhu chitti?
Him: pause. Therialla.

Oops! Ooops! Ooooops! Going on anyway,

Me: Vijay Chittappa?
Him: Boy.

I was wondering what logic he applies to find out which class to sort all these people in and I decided to ask him why his appa was a boy.

Him: Pause. ponder. ponder hard. Appa innum girl aala. Annala appa boy. Appa apparam girl ayiduva.

Now this is worth translating: Appa has not yet become a girl so he is a boy. He will become a girl later. That's not how I remember learning it, but I much prefer this theory!


Ashwin Thatha said...

Cute logic from my cute grandson

madhuvijay said...

Badava paiyan!!!