Thursday, August 14, 2008

My Athletic Son

Ashwin wanted to play cricket with me yesterday. He took the bat... and the ball. Placed the ball on the floor and with one swipe of the bat, missed the ball perfectly and crashed the block-truck that we had just built.

Unfazed, he tried again to connect bat to ball. Failed.





After about 8 tries, he FINALLY managed to send the ball off with his bat. Boy was he pleased with himself! He did a little dance and hurrayed himself. "Good on you mate!" is exactly what he said.

We have no doubt that by the time cricket is introduced as an Olympic sport, he will be ready to participate.

In other related news, we were watching the olympics swim championship with Ashwin and he asked he how they were swimming. (how is his favourite word these days). I replied that they were swimming very fast.

With deep concern in his eyes, he looked at me and asked:

"Wet aaitaa?"

1 comment:

Ashwin Thatha said...

Ella swimmerskum paithiyam pidichirukku. Kashtapattu wet aagara.

Good observation by my grandson