Monday, December 17, 2007

Random snippets: The omnibus version

Raghu is coming to Singapore this Saturday. I was asking Ashwin what appa was going to bring for him.

what else is appa going to bring for you?
"Tummore mammam"
how much mammam is appa going to bring?

Remember the uncle who pushes the bus?

Last night I explained to Ashwin that the uncle's name is Clown. And the one that makes the bus go drrrrrrr is driver.

And then I checked. Ashwin, what's this uncle's name (pointing to the clown)? "Gopayan".

After I was done laughing and further revision, I checked again, "what's this uncle's name?" "Civer"

But he finally got it right. The uncle's name is "COWN"

This morning, I bought myself an extra few minutes of sleep by letting Ashwin listen to eieio (the CD). He wanted to sit in the taxi and I told him he can do so once we wake up and would he please listen to eieio now and let me sleep? He complied (somewhat).

When I was finally ready to wake up, he enquired, "Tachi aachi?" and jumped off the bed to the CD player and said "Bye eieio, athin tachi okkachi".

If only everyone was so considerate to the things around us!

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Anonymous said...

What a mom?
Poor baby has to wait for Appa to come from Australia to get his mummmum