Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Take a monkey

And cross with a parrot.

Infuse with cuteness until saturation. What do you get? That's right. Athin.

He will repeat everything after you. Last night, we had molagu kozhambu for dinner (me, not him). And I told Chandra that it was not spicy. He repeated "Cha, not pichi".

He will recite shlokas after you. When he is tired and lying in bed, he will *try* to sing along to the CD of nursery rhymes. What comes out though is a series of discordant notes. He will repeat months of the year. English language should seriously evolve because the way he pronounces the months is much nicer than the way they are supposed to be pronounced.
He has a toy remote car key with some buttons which makes sounds like the car being locked or opened. He will mimic those sounds. "Wa wa wa". If you sneeze or hickup, he will imitate you. He will mimic the sounds of the crane and the drill (and we have plenty of those now because of the lift upgrading). The sounds of a car reverse sensor? He will mimic that as well.

Anytime I want to make coffee or tea, he wants Bathim Milk. He should turn on the microwave, open it once it is done, mishi mish (mix mix) the bathim milk all on his own. He is into dunking biscuits in his drink now because he saw me do it a few times. He will dip the biscuit (yesterday it was peanut butter cracker) into his bathim milk such that his fingers are all in the milk. When he takes the biscuit (bishit) out, the milk will drip from his fingers all the way to his elbows and shorts. He loves eating biscuit this way.

When we are in the shower, after we are done, he will take the shower head (with the water turned off) and turn on an imaginary valve, shower, press an imaginary button for shampoo and shampoo his head (helmet). When he is done, he will hang up the shower head over the tap. Sometimes in bed, he wants to shampoo my hair. And then my cheek and my thoppah and so on.

At mealtime, after eating a bite of food, I wipe my fingers against the rim of the plate to clean them. He does the exact same thing. Except when he does it, it is sooo cute to watch. When we are done eating, we now wants to carry his own plate to the sink! I hope he doesn't forget this as he grows :)

He will load either a bag full of finger puppets or his pull along duck in the basket of his tricycle and anounce "kool poya". (I'm going to school). He will then pedal across the room and call out "Kool iyya" (No school today). And then he will carefully park the tricycle. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Back to repeat 1. He has never been to school and I have never talked to him about school. I wonder where he learnt this from?!?!

I don't know where I'm going with all this. Just wanted to chronicle the phase when my son replies to the question "Ashwin badam milk venuma?" with a "Athin bathim milk venu ma."

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madhumathi said...

Ya.. its so cute when he repeats after u.. While he says 1 to ten he sounds just like a baby parrot. And I remember the time when we were dropping u and Ash to the airport he sais " strength jaasti" after me.