Thursday, September 17, 2009

First giggles

At my local mother's group last Tuesday, I was lamenting that Divya has not started giggling as yet and that I couldn't wait to hear the sweet sound of her laughter. Well, she understood and obliged me the very same day!

I was just narrating to her something that happened at the shopping mall that day, when she broke out into giggles! I immediately called Raghu, appa and my in laws and they were all rewarded with her boisterous giggles...

The easiest way to elicit giggles from her though is for her to just see Ashwin. My daughter loves my natural comedian and if he just whistles at her, she breaks into her wonderful giggles. Love how she will turn her head 180 deg to look at him and give him a lovely smile, in the middle of a feed.

Last night, Raghu laid her down in bed and shouted boo at her from behind the dressing room. And she giggled. This being the first time he was SEEing her giggling, he was thrilled. He carried on "boo"ing with increasing intensity until BANG! he banged his nose on the wardrobe hard - and that got even more giggles.

Keep laughing my pretty Rani! We all love you!

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