Monday, December 8, 2008

Pilot needs a real aeroplane.

Ashwin got a ride-on wooden aeroplane from the toy library this week and promptly became a pilot. After cruising around in his aeroplane for a while, he came to ask me why the aeroplane was not flying.

"This is a toy aeroplane", I told him. "You have to act as if it is flying".

After inspecting it for a while, he came back to me:

"Where is ACT??!"

I tried to explain further, "Act is a verb Ashwin, it is not on the aeroplane" (I can be very helpful, I know!)

"Where is ACT VERB???!!"

I'm giving up: "This is not a real aeroplane, it is just a toy, This can't fly".

"I want a real aeroplane"

Of course he does!


Ashwin Thatha said...

So, ask his dad to get him one

madhuvijay said...

I am somehow reminded of the MAX whatever life insurance AD :) It goes like this.

Baby says "Papa"
Daddy gets very excited (apparently baby's first words). Daddy says "Banana bolo"
Baby repeats "ba-na-na"
Daddy says "Bolo beta czechoslovakia"
Baby makes a monkey face to over ambitious Daddy :)