Thursday, December 18, 2008


Ashwin had a splinter in his foot yesterday and I took him to the doctor to have it removed. I was afraid of taking him all by myself as I would have to hold him and I am scared of needles (scared being a bit mild). And blood.

The doctor had him lie on the bed with the white sheet and boy, he looked so tiny there! I wanted to scoop him up and push him back into my tummy (even though it has another occupant now) and keep him safe there. The doctor shone a light at his feet while a nurse held his leg. I caught glimses of the doc picking up the needle and glimses of red. The nurse was trying to strike a conversation with Ashwin while I stood there stupidly. He did not once flinch. Or cry. Or complain. Cooperated so beautifully that the doc gave him 4 jelly babies!

Is this really my son??!

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