Wednesday, December 10, 2008

No Presents for Kamal Hassan

Story Time

Our library had their story time Christmas Party today. After singing the rhymes and Carols and listening to stories and doing craft.... SANTA CLAUS made an appearance. Before I could blink, Ashwin was on his way to meet the old guy. He came back clutching a small bag - a PRESENT from Santa Claus!!!

Queuing to meet Santa Claus

I tried to explain naughty or nice to my son:

"Do you know why Santa Claus gave you a present Ashwin? It's because you are a good boy. Only good boys get presents from Santa Claus".

There was a minute's pause when I thought he was ignoring me in light of his new found treasure. Then he said to me:

"Santa Claus won't give any presents to Kadav Hassan because he is a stupid boy, but he will give the priest presents because he is a good boy, right??!"

Absolutely, my son!

The wreath he made before he declared "I had Enough!"

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Ashwin Thatha said...

And how does he know Kadav Hasan?