Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Ashwinish Paradox

There are a few syllables that Ashwin can't pronounce, most notable of which are the "r" and the "l". Until a while ago, he would substitute any 'r' and 'l' with a 'y' or conveniently make it silent.

His school, for example, was itt-asca childcare (Little Rascals Childcare). The driver of a Bolero, one of his superheroes, is Boyeyo Unce. A duck's baby is Duckying.

Ashwinish, the ever evolving language has gotten sophesticated, and he has decided that a "w" sounds more elegant instead of a "y".

So his school is: Witte Wascas Childcare.

A duck's baby is duckWing, with heavy emphasis on the "W" twang.

My favourite passtime these days is to ask him where does a train go. Any guesses to the reply?

tWain tWack, with the W even more pronounced because of the pride of

  1. Knowing the answer
  2. Pronouncing it right, according to him anyways

Coming to the paradox, another syllable he can't pronounce is "M" as in Madhu. He replaces it with a "B".

Madhu becomes "Bodhu"
Medicine becomes "Bedicine"
(which he loves asking for these days so that he can proclaim it spicy and then ask for raisins. And then one more raisin, no matter how many he had the first time. Anyway, I digress!)

Why then does vicks become "Mish"? Mish indeed!

Has he been pulling a fast one on us all these days?

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