Thursday, January 10, 2008

Rapt Attention

This is one of Ashwin's birthday gifts that I had put away for later because how could a two year old possibly play with radio controlled toys?! Answer? Very well indeed!

This thing guzzles batteries at the rate of 4 "AA" energizers per few hours of play.



Crockpot Lady said...

oh, he is adorable! I wish I was good at remote-controlled things.

madhuvijay said...

And amma thought he was too young for that metal car which had to pushed around!

Is Ashwin wearing crocs? How many pairs of footwear does he have??

Anu said...

Fake crocs. Bought it for less than $6. Not enough pairs of shoes anymore because his feet had a growth spurt!

AruneM said...

r u still in singapore ?? :)
i mean wow, i still have a chance to aim and fire ! but im sure he poses more naturally to you than he would to a stranger with a big fat black machine..

Lalgudi said...

After all, he is my grandson