Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Boys will be boys

Ashwin called me when he returned home from his morning play at his friend Shaun's house.

Me: What did you do in Shaun's house?
Ashwin (with utmost pride in his voice): Shaun push pa ikke. (I pushed Shaun)

What can I say??! At least I have an honest bully!


madhuvijay said...

Uh-oh... Future not so bright now:) Let me tell you what this means.. Ashwin goes to Shaun's house to "play" and u get to sleep , so future is bright. Now that he likes being a bully he is not exactly going to get invited to his friend's house and u r back on duty for 24 hours now. Well,What can I say.. you were just celebrating too soon.

Lalgudi said...

Beware of Shaun. He is a bigger bully