Thursday, June 7, 2012

Of spatial objects and hair accessories

Last night, as I was putting the kids to sleep, Ashwin was complaining that he was scared of a shadow and couldn't sleep. I told him that it was just a shadow of his school bag, so go to sleep already! "But how come it's so big?" he insisted. Using as little time and as few words as possible, I explained that shadows can be bigger or smaller than school bags. He found it hilarious that I said school bag. "You mean, anything, right? Everything in the world can make shadows.. Of course, not the world itself".

I tried to explain that the world could also make shadows and when it's shadow falls on the moon, it is called a lunar eclipse. To cut short the conversation and expedite sleep, I said we can look up eclipse in the books over the weekend.

Divya, who I thought was fast asleep by the, piped up excitedly, "HAIRCLIPS???!"

If only the positioning of the solar objects would make hair clips, I would have one happy girl!


madhuvijay said...

LOL.. you have lot of patience to be explaining eclipse to 5 yr old Ashwin!

Anu said...

He is 6!