Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Cheeky Through and Through

I was trying to put Divya to sleep (why do all my stories have to do with bedtime??!) and she was trying to prevent me with her usual cheekiness. She would ask for water. A different baby (toy). Tell me something about what happened in daycare. And when I say, DIVYA. GO TO SLEEP! She will give me a cheeky grin that you have to admire the little spunk and can't scold her anymore.

A good 20 minutes passed. She was close to drifting off now. That stage that I love that eyelids close and snap open again. The pull to close gets stronger and eyes have a dazed expression. Face softens. Limbs relax. At this stage, she caught me looking at her and GAVE ME HER CHEEKY SMILE! Right before the last wink was out.

Yup, cheeky until the last wink is out. That's my girl.

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