Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Tooth fairy is the new bank

I few days ago, Divya asked Ashwin for some money from his money box to keep in her little purse. Ashwin hesitated saying he did not want to run out of money. Without missing a beat, the little one replied, "But you will get lot and lot from the tooth fayeee!"

Considering that he has lost 2 tooth in one day, she is not far off the truth!

I have a smooth mornings scheme going where I give Ashiwn a dollar for each morning that he gets ready for school with no prompting and no slacking. This morning, the brother and sister played river and babies on my bed for so long that "smooth" was not a word I would use to describe it. Before leaving for school though, Ashwin hopefully enquired if he was getting his dollar. Of course not, I replied. Divya chimed right in, "don't worry Ashwin, may be the tooth fairy will come to your school today!"

I could use a visit in my office too!

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