Monday, October 26, 2009

while I'm on the brag train

Divya loves to watch water from the tap. Her already big eyes get even wider as I turn the tap on and as if by magic, water comes out! She flaps her little hands and legs in appreciation.

The other day, I took her with me on a trip to put a dirty nappy into the nappy bucket in the sink. She looked at the tap and then at me at the tap and then at me again with a command: DO YOUR MAGIC! Needless to say, I obliged.

She is not yet six months old, mind you!

She's got many other tricks up her sleeves too. Her favourite activity now is to sit in her highchair and drop everything on the tray onto the floor. This has Ashwin in hysterics and he faithfully picks up the fallen toys (and utensils and spoons...) and puts it back on the tray. She drops it again to much laughter from Ashwin. Thank God for older brothers!

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