Monday, October 26, 2009

Confidence - thy name is Ashwin!

The otherday, we went for a wonderful storytime session called bookworm here in Karratha and the theme of the day was post office. They read stories about letters and postman and did an excellent craft of converting a diaper box into a postbox. Then they wrote some letters to put in the postbox for the postman to deliver.

When it was letter writing time, I had to feed Divya so Ashwin turned to a nice lady and told her that he did not know to write his name. So she offered to write it for him if he told her the letters in it.

A.. W.. H... he began as she wrote. He shook his head vigourously when she got to "H". That's not H. I will show you.. He took the pen from her and "elegantly" wrote a capital H to teach the lady. (look hard next to his "name" to find his H).

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Ashwin Thatha said...

Is that his handwriting. Lovly