Thursday, March 5, 2009

Spiderman Station

You know of a police station or a fire station.. But have you ever heard of a SPIDERMAN STATION??? In our house, we have just that. Ashwin and I become spidermans at his command and there is a third imaginary spiderman (i-spiderman). We get to choose our colours as per the spiderman bag that Ashwin has, so there will be a red, a blue and a yellow spiderman.

Suddenly, somebody somewhere will remove the seatbelt in a moving car and one of us spidermen has to FLY upto the car and hold the following conversation:

"You removed your seatbelt??! Put it on. Now. RIGHT NOW"

And then fly back to the spiderman station.

Occasionally, we might approach someone who has removed the seatbelt after parking the car, in which case we should apologise graciously before returning to the station.

We play this game for HOURS each day.. FUN.

If we are not playing spiderman station, chances are we are playing shopping. Ashwin is the shop keeper and he will stand between my reclining chair and the foot stool (thereby preventing my access to my favourite seat) and I have to tell him what I want to buy. It could be a ball or paints - mostly any of his toys. He will then leave the "shop" to show me where the item is and then return to the "shop" with a very serious expression. I have to give him my items which he scans (sometimes on the back of our wireless optic mouse) and accept my card for payment which he swipes on the edge of the cushion. I have to enter the pin number and then... he also gives me money for shopping! This game can start even before we brush our teeth and go on throughout the day.

Ashwin's play money

There's never a dull moment around Ashwin!


AmberLynn said...

I like your stories.

Ashwin Thatha said...

I will bring him his spiderman