Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Cornering me on my words

Ashwin was working on his aeroplane puzzle the other day when he asked me why the aeroplane had wings. I replied that the aeroplane needed wings to fly and so it had wings. He pondered this for a while and then asked me why the aeroplane was not flying. I said that it was not a real aeroplane, just a puzzle aeroplane and so it couldn't fly.

"Pinna yen wings irukku indha aeroplane ku?" (why then does this aeroplane have wings?) he shot back.

Another time we were in the car on Canning highway. There is a petrol station with a carwash attached to it on one side of canning highway and there is another petrol station across the road. We were driving past this second petrol station when:

Ashwin: Inge car wash irukka? (Is there a carwash here?)
Me: Illa. Indha petrol station la carwash illa. (No carwash in this petrol station)
Ashwin: Why?
Me: Because there is a carwash just across the road, there is no need for one here.
Ashwin after musing for a bit: Pinna yen inga petrol station irukku??! ,his voice laced with sarcasm... (Why then is there a petrol station here??!)

Why indeed??!

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