Monday, February 11, 2013

Of the first day of school.. And tears.

It was Divya's first day of school..
(How did she grow up so quickly? Who stole the time? Could they return it please.. Or keep it. Return. Nah, keep... I'll let you know when I make up my mind)
Given that I have an anxious girl, I was having premonitions of tears and stress, both hers and mine. To be fair, she did ask those questions about what can she do if someone beats her? kills her? What if she sees a cockroach in the class? Despite all this, on the morning of school, she was quite cheerful and happy and proud to be fitted out in a shiny new uniform, school bag and the works. She could not wait to get to school.. All went well as we went into the class room, met other children and the teachers, did a puzzle, read a book... Until the teacher called out:
Girls and boys, in 5 minutes, your mums and dads will leave...
And the tears started.
I left the room feeling quite anxious myself and stayed clutching my phone for all of the 2 hours and 40 minutes. What if the school called? What if she was still crying? Was she happy? I mean, really happy??!
I needn't have worried. She came out of the classroom full of smiles happy to have had a fun day in school. She was eager to go back the next school day and has been steadily enjoying school since.
And the crying?
When did you stop crying Divya, I asked.
When Mrs Perera made me.
How did she make you stop crying?
She said, all children stop crying, we are going to play some music.
And, just like that, she stopped crying.
Oh, the power of a kindergarten teacher!