Monday, August 20, 2012

A child's voice

We attended the Indian Independence Day celebrations in Perth and were treated to a colourful array of dances. The title of one of the dance numbers loosely translated to Beauty. The dancers, decked in lovely sarees with the pallu covering their faces came whirling out to catcalls and whistles from the audience.

"Who are they?", Divya asked.
"They are dancers Divya.. " I explained the obvious. (more whirling with pallu-covered face on stage)
"But what are they called??!" she demanded growing a teenie bit uneasy.
"I don''t know", I replied. (some more whirling. Same pallu-covered faces)

"ARE THEY MONSTERS???!" She shouted (thank God for the crowd noise!) before they threw open their pallus to show the "beauty"!

I can't not gloat about a moment (or several moments) of pride that happened earlier in the same show.

The show started with the Australian national anthem to pay respect to the host country. The audience was quiet while there were four singers on the stage singing from paper cues. It was in this almost awkward silence that Divya decided to showcase her knowledge. In a clear, loud, toddler voice, she went:

Austweyans aw yet us wejoice fo we are young and fwee....