Thursday, December 17, 2009

Images in my mind

I take numerous photos of Divya, and with that girl growing cuter and cheekier by the day, it is hard to pick a favourite. There are the other type of photos though which are never captured by the camera. The ones that last for about 1 second and are imprinted in my mind forever. Those that I can see with my eyes closed at any time. These are my favourites.

There's the one where I dressed her in a pretty blue dress with white polka dots and a red bow placed tantalisingly under her chin. She looked lovely! I put her down in her cot dressed like this and fast asleep. When it was time for her to be awake and I didn't hear a sound, I went in to see what she was upto. There she was grinning at me with the ENTIRE big bow stuffed into her mouth and chewing on it as if it were the most delicious thing she ever came across.

There's another one where I strapped her in her car seat with a pretty hat on that pretty head, one with straps that fastened under her chin. I opened the boot to put something in and saw my very satisfied child who had managed to undo the strap of her hat and had pulled it such that the strap fell directly over her forhead into her mouth and she was making a sumptuous snack of it.

Then there's the one in the bath which is full of colourful toys but the object of her fascination was the cap of her bath oil. She fidgeted with it for a bit and then turned to look at me with a question in her eye and her mouth crammed full of this little cap: What should I do next, I can't exactly chew this?

The most recent one was captured towards the end of her feed when she decided to bite. Her little hands made tight fists as she bit hard and her eyes had the glint you can only have when you have planned something evil and executed it to perfection.

These are my favourite photos of my cheeky monkey!