Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Amma, what is this? asked Ashwin pointing at the letter "S" on his wall borders.

That is "S" Ashwin, I replied and S says "ssssss". Perhaps I was too ambitious but I sensed an opportunity and I was not about to let it pass. So I rambled on:

"Ssssssssssss" like Saturday, Sunday, Sweet, Sorry, Savithri Paati, Santa Claus...

BALLOON, Ashwin added helpfully to the list.

Nothing says Ssssssss like a balloon, or wait, perhaps he is talking about the balloon deflating! After all, he is my smart boy!! :)


madhuvijay said...

"ssss.." as in when u eat spicy food :)

Ashwin Thatha said...

ssss Also to tell u to be quiet